The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

The Ultimate DJ Package That Will Leave Your Guests RAVING About Your Wedding For Years To Come

The RAVE™ is unlike any Wisconsin wedding Dj package you have ever seen. Imagine a wedding reception everyone will be talking about for years. Seen in only the highest end weddings in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and now it’s available right here in Wisconsin.

An amazing event is more than just the music. It’s the emceeing, presentation of the music, the energy of the DJ, the setup, the lights, the song selection, the equipment, professionally handling requests, and so much more.  This is why we created the RAVE™ package.  This is not your typical wedding DJ, this is a full-on production.  This is an all-inclusive package offering only the very best for your wedding.

It is one of the most important days of your life. Would you want anything less?

Included with the Rave Package

Rave Dance Floor Infinity

Magic Infinity Dance Floor

Our Magic Infinity Dance Floor is the best way to transform your wedding into an unforgettable night. If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind event for you and your guests, then this is it.   No one can resist this dance floor and they will always remember your event as the one where they couldn’t stop dancing.

The dance floor can be programmed for anything from a starlight effect and specific colors to programed light shows to each song as part of the reception celebration.  All of this lighting is controlled by our Intelligent Lighting system so you know you are getting only the very best in lighting and effects.

The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

Intelligent Lighting

We get asked all the time “what is Intelligent Lighting?”.  Well it’s very simple, well it’s very simple. This is lighting that makes your celebration come to life.  With Intelligent lighting, we can have a spotlight on you during your first dance and lighting patterns below you or clouds floating above you.  This is not your everyday run of the mill DJ lighting.  This is the same computer controlled lighting that you see at concerts, clubs and high end productions.

Every song at your reception has a custom computer programmed light show.  We arrive several hours before the big event and our lighting technician will start setting up your light show based upon your requests and the layout of the room.  From elegant to let’s get get this party started, Intelligent Lighting is an integral part of what will make your day stand out from the rest.

Wedding Visualizer Screen

Visualizer Screen

Want to add a stimulating visual element to your reception? Instead of listening to the mix, get ready to see the mix as well. Using our Visualizer screen we can take your event to the next level.  Imagine visual effects matched to the music on a 150” screen behind the DJ booth.  Just like our Intelligent Lighting system, these effects and light show is custom created not only to the song but to your event.  Normally seen at clubs, concerts and music festivals, we are now bringing that level of excitement to your wedding reception.

Up Lights Wedding

Up Lights

Up-Lighting creates a unique and beautiful atmosphere where highly powered, colored LED lights illuminate your reception. Your venue will be transformed from a plain room to a beautiful reception filled with color and drama. We can match any color scheme or use white light to accent the architectural elements of the room. The RAVE Package includes up to 50 uplight (venue and design dependent). You will work with our Entertainment Director to come up with the perfect amount of lighting to get the look and ambience you are wanting to accomplish.

RAVE Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Photobooth

Photo Booth: Picture-taker, ice-breaker, and memory-maker, our photo booth is a perfect addition to your reception. A photo booth is a people magnet. Your guests grin and strike a pose for the camera. It’s an entertainment centerpiece for your party that pays the fun forward by allowing your guests to text, email and share their photos instantly.  At the end of the night you will get a link to get all of the images taken in our photo booth.

Wedding Sparktaculars


Sparktaculars are the perfect choice for extremely enhancing your first dance and grand entrances. Our indoor or outdoor Sparktaculars are revolutionary and produce no heat, fire, flame, or dangerous combustibles to create beautiful showers of sparkles. The Sparktaculars create the perfect touch to your photos that will help to create memories that last a lifetime while giving your guests that memorable ‘wow’ factor.

The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

Party Sticks

Want your guests to get involved and have some fun?  How about creating that perfect photo op for you and your guests celebrating on the dance floor for your big day.  Our glowing foam sticks are handed out during key moments to make your party really stand out.  Imagine you and all of your guests holding these high on the dance floor moving them to the beat of the music. Also works great for that perfect send off at the end of the night.

Wedding Co2 Blasters

CO2 Blaster

Let your guests know that you came to party!  Imagine when the party is really going and suddenly you come out holding one of our CO2 blasters. This will definitely get the attention of your guests and give them something they will never forget!

CO2 Blasters are the new trend at some of the most amazing weddings. Everyone can use it, but we always prefer to start with the newlyweds.

We place it next to the DJ booth (can move around the venue with it) and it is ready for use whenever you wish throughout the wedding.

CO2 Cannons

CO2 Cannons

Normally seen only at night clubs, concerts, music festivals, sporting events, or theatrical productions, these will really separate your wedding from all the rest.

Our CO2 cannons can be used to enhance your grand entrance, first dances, or when the party really gets going. Want to get introduced like the Bucks or WWE fighters coming out of the tunnel? We use the same technology with wireless controls and LEDs to enhance the wow factor at your reception.

Rave Dinner Slideshow

Video Slideshow

A great way to showcase your families, friends, and  show how the two of you have grown into who you are today is a video slideshow at your wedding reception.  It is a wonderful way to share memories with your family and friends on this very important day. A video slideshow is a great way to recognize all the important people in your life while being projected on our 150″ Visualizer screen.

First Dance Slide Show RAVE

First Dance Slideshow

A First Dance Slideshow is a great way to add some nostalgia and flash to your special moment together. This video shows how the two of you met all the way up to your engagement. It provides the perfect backdrop while being shown on our 150” Visualizer screen.

Animated Monogram

An Animated Monogram is a unique addition to your wedding reception; see your name in motion for a truly personal touch.  This typically plays on our Visualizer screen during cocktail / dinner hour to create a beautiful backdrop.

Award Winning Wedding DJ & MC in Wisconsin, USA | Vital Image

Additional Sound Systems

Ceremony Coverage

Want to make sure your guests can hear you exchange the most significant and emotional vows of your life?  We include on-site ceremony coverage to make sure everything is taken care of.  This includes wireless microphones and all the music you request before and during your ceremony.

Music Videos

Music videos have been around for decades. Everyone has seen MTV, VH1 or a music video channel. Like the music videos you have viewed through time, we will mix your favorite songs and videos throughout your reception.  These videos are played on our 150” Visualizer screen located behind the DJ booth. If we don’t have a video that you requested in advance, our Visualizer screen will play special video effects programed to the song.

Wedding DJ Package

Private One on One Concierge Level Service

You will be working with our Entertainment Director to design the perfect reception.  Upon booking you will get their private email address and cell phone number making sure if you have any questions or ideas you want to discuss, they will always make themselves available throughout your planning process.

We will do a venue walk through with you to go over all the details in order to design the perfect reception.  This includes covering the lighting, dance floor, sound design, and so much more. No detail will be missed. Every reception is unique and yours will be as well.

The RAVE DJ Team

To make sure your celebration is absolutely perfect you will be working with one of the top rated DJ’s in Wisconsin.  If that does not sound good enough he will also have two or more fellow DJ’s with them to make sure the sound, lighting and flow of the evening is right on point.

Each person on our RAVE team is hand selected for their professionalism, skill and positive approach to life. These are not your everyday wedding wedding DJ’s but ones that stand out above the rest.

The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

A Celebration You And Your Guests Will Never Forget

Since you started planning your wedding you have probably heard, “so and so did this at their wedding.Now become the “so and so” they are talking about for years to come.

This is a night like no other. It will be a night that your friends and families come together to celebrate. It will make your guests say “I have never been to a reception like this before in my life!”.  Guaranteed to make a lasting impression that will raise the bar for any other receptions you go to in the future.

It’s your party so let’s make it unforgettable!

  • Rich was wonderful to work with! He had our dance floor hopping all night for our wedding.
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