Our Team

Personality is key when choosing any of your wedding vendors especially the ones that going to be with you for your big day. Our staff loves what we do because of the way we get to interact with our couples and their families. We want to have just as much fun with you as you do with us. Prior to your big day, we get to know you on a personal level. We love to allow our personalities to shine by meeting new people, telling jokes, and making you smile and laugh throughout your big day.

Our team can easily blend in and not stand out yet still be easy to locate. We have high work ethics when it comes to your big day. Our knowledge and experience allows our team to capture those emotional and essential moments without being obnoxious or disruptive to you or your guests.

Yes, we have a beautiful studio located right in the heart of downtown Waukesha on Broadway. Not local? Contact Valery, our lead wedding coordinator today to schedule a video chat instead. She can be reached directly at valery@vitalimage.com.

We typically work with over 200 wedding couples a year. Each couple has an assigned point of contact so no matter how many services you book through Vital Image you will only have one point of contact.

While Vital Image has been around since 2010, our team members were established long before then. We pride ourselves on the wisdom of past experiences combined with the relevance of current trends

This varies. Obviously some dates are more popular than others. We often take bookings 2 years in advance to guarantee availability. Since we have a large staff we are also able to cover some weddings with as little as 2 weeks notice. We would recommend you contact us as soon as you have a date in mind!

Of course! All employees, regardless of position, carry backup equipment with them just in case of any technical issues. We also have staff members on call to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

We are extremely flexible and provide multiple payment plans as we understand planning a wedding can be financially stressful. Our team will offer multiple options based on your package to best fit your budget. All our payment plans are interest-free.

Your balance will be due 90 days prior to the wedding date unless otherwise stated in your contract.

We take cash, check, or credit/debit cards. Payments can be easily made online through a secure website or over the phone. We charge no additional fees or service charges.

All members of our team dress business casual.

It’s very sad when a wedding has to be postponed or cancelled. We do allow couples to postpone their date for up to one year from the original date. If the wedding is cancelled before the 90 day mark, everything except the reservation deposit is refundable. Unfortunately, if the wedding is canceled within 90 days the staff has already been reserved and funds cannot be refunded.

We carry a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy to protect you and us from any potential liability.

Yes! We travel all over the state. Additional charges may apply depending on the exact distance. Our main concern is keeping our employees safe and avoiding traveling far distances in the middle of the night.

This has always been an important question for our couples.  Each member of our team has their own unique style however we don’t let it control us. We don’t tell you how we are going to capture your day with our style but rather we take the time to get to know your style and preferences to better serve your unique wants and needs.


Your images are guaranteed back 30 business days after your wedding date.

We believe your images are yours to do what you want with them which is why we give you a personal print release. However, we are a professional wedding company that only provides our couples with a finished and completed product. Therefore, we do not give out any raw/unedited images to our clients. If there are any additional changes you would like made to your images please let us know.

In order to deliver the highest quality images, our team members constantly update their equipment to create high quality images. The brand of the equipment varies with the photographer and their preference however the end result is still gorgeous, high definition wedding pictures.

Of course! We always set up a final consult with our couples at least 60 days before the wedding. You get to meet with your lead photographer either at our studio or via Skype to discuss all the details of your big day. Before that day one of our wedding coordinators are available any date/time to answer any questions you might have.

We are very proud of the work we do and have several online galleries. Check out the “About Us” Page to watch bio videos on all our photographers as well as see their individual work. You can always stop in our studio and check out more samples of our work too! All our work is our own and we keep our website updated every year.


Our videographers all use high definition cameras. We also use many different types of tripods and sliders to create that cinematic style. In addition, we also use aerial drones to capture those tremendous views from up above.

Yes! Check out our Videography page to see examples of our recent work or stop into our studio for additional work.

Your wedding video is yours to share as you please. However, as a professional wedding studio we only provide our clients with a finished and completed product. Our editing process is very thorough to ensure the video and sound quality of the entire video is perfected.

Our most common package includes one videographer that uses anywhere between 2-4 different cameras to capture multiple angles throughout your big day. We do allow couples to add on a second videographer for either half or full day to provide additional coverage/footage.

Your wedding video is provided to you via a digital downloadable link that is emailed to the address we have on file. We ask you to download the video upon receiving the link for safe keeping. We also have physical copies available if requested.

Your wedding video is completed within 90 business days of your wedding date.

This very much depends on what package you choose and the uniqueness of your wedding. Our staff will be able to provide an estimated length during your consultation.

Wedding DJ / MC

Our DJs work weddings exclusively. In order to protect the privacy of our couples we do not give out information to potential clients.

We can play whatever song/genres that you and your guests choose. Upon booking you get access to a personal app that you can download on your phone.  It also has a ton of fun suggestions for your big day.

Of course! Your DJ planning app allows you to share your playlist with your guests even before the big day. This allows guests to make requests themselves. Of course your DJ will still takes requests the day of as well.

Our DJs are fantastic Masters of Ceremonies. The will not only make announcements for you but ensure everyone is having a great time.

All DJ packages include dance floor/stage lighting to enhance your dancing experience. We have multiple lighting upgrades including an uplighting package, LED monogram and much more!

We can provide music for on-site ceremonies. The pricing for ceremony music is just based on the start time and exact location of the ceremony. On top of music, your DJ will also provide a microphone and stand for your officiant.

Never. The entire Vital Image staff is under a no tolerance policy when it comes to consuming alcohol. We remain professional the entire evening.

As a company we work multiple weddings every weekend. The Vital Image team members assigned to your wedding are your exclusive team and will only focus on making your day perfect. That is our main and only concern that day.

The only breaks our staff takes is if they need to use the facilities or grab something to drink.

Wedding Coordinator & Planners

    • Your wedding is an extremely special day and you hire professionals to take care of your food, photography, entertainment, and all of the other services for your big day; why wouldn’t you hire a professional to plan it too? A professional wedding planner has connections to help you save money, troubleshooting experience to help soothe any possible problem that arises before you even know about it, and they have a level-head to help keep everything calm and enjoyable throughout the day. 

A day-of coordinator is specifically there the day of your wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly and to act as a point person so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day. A wedding planner is involved in the planning process before your big day. They assist and facilitate in booking vendors, scheduling appointments, and managing your budget. We have multiple planning packages to choose from to best suit your wants and needs. All wedding planning packages also include a day-of coordinator too!

We have been onsite at hundreds of weddings. So, while we can’t promise that we have seen it all…. we sure have seen a lot. Not only do we have the experience of working at so many weddings, we have also gotten advanced degrees to help us succeed at managing, coordinating, and planning to perfection. Between our hands on experience and our education, our planners are well qualified to make your vision come to life.

As a company we strive to get to know every single one of our couples and what makes them unique. This translates over into wedding planning seamlessly because we tailor every planning experience to each couple’s wants and needs. We listen to each of our couples and then come up with completely unique ideas for each and every couple so that their wedding is customized to them. This makes each wedding unique and memorable because the wedding has been designed with careful consideration and mindfulness.

First, having a Wedding Planner will often save you money because we know the best deals, have exclusive partnerships with companies, and know the best ways to save money when budgeting. Wedding Planners and Coordinators also act as a great “worry sponge” soaking up all the wedding anxiety and jitters leaving you both to just enjoy your big day. Wedding Planners and Coordinators also have a wide range of experience with all sorts of odd problems that can arise on the day of a wedding and have solutions ready because of their experience so that you don’t have to problem solve. Wedding Planner’s know the latest trends and have tons of ideas to help make your big day special and perfect for you. Having a Wedding Planner/Coordinator on your team in an invaluable resource financially, creatively, and for their endless knowledge about weddings.

It starts with listening. We listen to all of our couples to really get a full picture of who they are individually and as a couple. We listen to what they feel about their big and the vision they have. From there we are able to start pulling from our resources to make that vision come true. We find the venue that will act as the stage for their wedding. We reach out to our many, many friends and partners within the wedding industry that we know will be up to the challenge of working with us to create and complete the setting on that stage. The day of the wedding we act as a director making sure all the pieces come together flawlessly. Our Planners and Coordinators pour their heart and soul into breathing life into their couple’s vision.

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