Wedding Planning & Coordination

The wedding day has been planned and you are ready to experience all the joy and happiness of your special day. But who will make sure everything will go according to plan? Who will make sure vendors show up on time? Who will set up my decor? Who will make sure I’m able to spend as much time as possible with my guests? Your wedding coordinator will do all the above and more. They will help set up your centerpieces and even make sure your dress is perfect before you take that walk down the aisle. There isn’t much your personal wedding coordinator won’t do for you on your big day.



$ 1399

  • Assigned to Couple 90 Days Prior to the Wedding
  • Unlimited Communicated Moving Forward
  • Wedding Advice, Tips, and Tricks Provided
  • Wedding Day Timeline Creation & Distribution
  • Up to 1 Hour Rehearsal Coverage (Venue Dependent)
  • Wedding Day Organization & Management up to 8 Continuous Hours
  • Ceremony & Reception Decor Assistance
  • Guided Processional & Recessional
  • Execution of Reception Activities
  • Distribute Vendor Payments/Tips
  • Point of Contact for Vendors & Guests
  • Personal Attendant for the Couple

$1599 Unbundled

Wedding Planning

Having a Wedding Planner on your team is worth the world. Our team will handle all communications and coordination with all of your vendors before and during your wedding. We research and recommend vendors that we personally have had an excellent experience with. From the moment you book with Vital Image, you will be assigned a single point of contact. You will get to meet that person and start building a relationship from day one. Our Wedding Planner’s knowledge and experience can make the difference between a wedding and your wedding. 

Let us be your voice. Let us be your advocate. We will be there and ready to solve any hiccup they may come along. There is a saying, “The best problem to have is the one you never knew about”.

All Planning Packages include our Wedding Coordinator Package too!



$ 2299

  • 1 Assigned Planner Immediately After Booking
  • Unlimited Communication Moving Forward
  • Organized Planning Process w/ Monthly Update
  • Up to 8 Continuous Hours of Wedding Day Coordination
  • Wedding Advice, Tips, and Tricks Provided
  • Wedding Day Timeline Creation & Distribution
  • Exclusive Preferred Vendor Recommendations
  • Vendor Contract Review
  • Invitation Assistance


$ 3199

  • Includes Premium Package Plus:
  • Up to 9 Continuous Hours of Wedding Day Coordination
  • Attend Tastings/Final Walk-through (as requested)
  • Present Vendor Availability & Pricing
  • Budget Assistance
  • Decor Guidance


$ 4299

  • Includes Exquisite Package Plus:
  • Up to 10 Continuous Hours of Wedding Day Coordination
  • Wedding Coordinator Assistant up to 8 Continuous Hours
  • Attend Venue Tours & Provide Venue Research (as needed)
  • Manage Initial & Final Payment Reminders
  • Finalize Vendor Booking Process
  • Event & Style Design
  • *Includes Up to 18 Months of Planning*

Captured Moments

  • Wedding Planning and Coordination | Wisconsin Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Planning and Coordination | Wisconsin Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Planning and Coordination | Wisconsin Wedding Planners
  • Vital Image was wonderful to work with in getting our services picked out and getting the contract ready. Trish took wonderful engagement photos of us and we look forward to her doing our wedding photography as well. Tasha was fast to work with in creating our save the dates! Thanks to everyone!
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