Wedding DJ / MC

You just married the love of your life, and now it is time to CELEBRATE!!

Vital Image is home to the best DJs in Wisconsin. Our professional DJs are prepared with the best sound systems available, the largest database of music available , from classic, to country and pop to rock, we have it all!

It takes more than just a great sound system and loud music to keep your night rocking though. Our upbeat DJs interact with you and your guests, read the crowd, and ensure your dance floor is packed all night long!

Classic Wedding DJ / MC Package

Classic Wedding DJ / MC Package

$ 1199

  • Up to seven hours of coverage customized to your timeline
  • Free use of Wireless Microphone for Toasts & Speeches
  • Professional Sound System
  • Dance Floor Lighting Package
  • Personal Online DJ Planner
  • Add Second Sound System for $149
  • Extra hours available for purchase

Available Options

Dancing on the Clouds     $249

Imagine walking onto the dance floor for your first dance with your new spouse. All of a sudden, you are floating on a dance floor of fluffy clouds! It is the perfect way to capture that magical, fairy tale feeling.

Animated Monogram     $199

An Animated Monogram is a unique addition to your wedding reception; see your name in motion for a truly personal touch.

Up-Lighting     $199

Up-Lighing creates a unique and beautiful atmosphere where highly powered, colored LED lights illuminate your reception, transforming the hall from a plain room to a room filled with color and drama. We can match any color scheme or use white light to accent the architectural elements of the room.

Dancing Under the Stars     $149

Our lasers illuminate the ceiling with small stars that move slowly throughout the night. Create a romantic, yet fun feeling to your reception.

Monogram LED     $99

Looking for something unique and different at your wedding? Our new L.E.D. Monogram Projector can project your monogram onto the floor, ceiling, or wall. This breakthrough in technology allows us to take any graphic design or text and project it onto any surface adding color and drama to your event.

Pillars of Light     $199

These lights look amazing when placed in perimeter around your reception. We control them digitally, so the colors can be changed to match those of your wedding.

  • We absolutely loved working with vital image! We used them for photography, videography, DJ and photobooth. Thanks to everyone for being a part of our special day!!!
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