Hello! We are the Vital Image Family

At the heart of Vital Image beats the rhythm of a local family-founded, family-owned, and family-operated business. When someone joins our squad, they aren’t just a new hire—they become an integral part of our quirky and talented family album. We’re all about maintaining that family-like vibe because, let’s face it, when we work together like a well-oiled family unit, the magic happens.

We take pride in making our team feel like rock stars, complete with the red carpet treatment and all the support and respect they could ever wish for. Our approach has led to a vibrant, thriving team, with many of our original crew members sticking with us through thick and thin.

But it doesn’t stop there! Our couples aren’t just customers; they become honorary members of the Vital Image family. It’s not just about snapping pictures, taking video, playing music or planning; it’s about forging a bond that lasts well beyond the “I do’s.” From the first hello before the big day to the post-wedding “remember when” moments, we’re all in to ensure our couples feel right at home in the Vital Image family photo album.

Hey, we might not send out annual family newsletters, but rest assured, we’re cooking up anniversary surprises that’ll make our couples feel like they’ve just scored front-row tickets to the best show in town! It’s all about turning those wedding memories into everlasting moments in our ever-growing family saga!

About Vital Image Wedding Studios | Wisconsin Wedding Planners

``Here at Vital Image, we're a close-knit family-run enterprise, dedicated to treating you, your loved ones, and your guests with the same care and consideration as we do our own. Allow us to join you on your family's journey.``

Why Choose Vital Image

We Tell Your Story


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