ABOUT US Hello! We are the Vital Image Family

At our core, we are a family founded, owned, and managed business. Every single one of our team members becomes part of our family when they join Vital Image. Maintaining that base is important to us because when we operate as one cohesive family unit, we can better serve our couples. As a business, we want our team to always feel respected and supported by Vital Image, just like a family does. By doing this, we have managed to maintain a large, active team, with many of our team members have started and have stayed with us from the very beginning.

By setting a solid base within our team we are able to extend that level of dedication to our couples. Our couples don’t just purchase a service with us, they choosing a personalized connection. From before their wedding day to the day itself to after their wedding has passed (sometimes by years) we form and maintain a relationship with our couples. It is important to us to get to know each of our couples so that we can provide them the very best experience and welcome them into the Vital Image family.

``Since we are a family run business, we promise to care for you, your family, and your guests like they are our own. Families always take care of each other. Come let the Vital Image family be part of yours.`` - Trish, Tasha and the rest of the Vital Image family
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