Wedding Planning & Coordination

So, you’ve finally decided to recruit your very own superhero for the big day, your personal wedding planner or coordinator! They’re not just any ordinary coordinator; they’re like a magical unicorn, making sure everything sparkles and shines on your special day in Wisconsin.

From making sure the flowers don’t play hide-and-seek in Milwaukee to ensuring Uncle Bob doesn’t accidentally end up as the DJ in Madison, your wedding coordinator is the secret ingredient to turn your day from chaotic to a beautiful, seamless event in the heart of Wisconsin. They’re the masters of multitasking, the champions of organization, and the ultimate defenders against any potential wedding disasters in the cheese state.

Need someone to ensure the cake doesn’t go rogue in Green Bay or the guests don’t start a conga line during the ceremony in Wisconsin Dells? Your coordinator is on it! They’re practically the fairy godparent waving their wand to ensure everything runs smoother than a buttered dance floor.

With their magical touch, they’ll be there to fix your train, rescue your bouquet, and wave away any wedding-day stress faster than you can say “I do” amidst the picturesque landscapes of Wisconsin. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let your wedding coordinator sprinkle their enchantment, making your day a tale to be told for years to come in the beautiful state of Wisconsin!



$ 1499

  • Assigned to Couple 90 Days Prior to the Wedding
  • Unlimited Communicated Moving Forward
  • Wedding Advice, Tips, and Tricks Provided
  • Wedding Day Timeline Creation & Distribution
  • Up to 1 Hour Rehearsal Coverage (Venue Dependent)
  • Wedding Day Management up to 8 Continuous Hours
  • Ceremony & Reception Decor Assistance
  • Guided Processional & Recessional
  • Execution of Reception Activities
  • Distribute Vendor Payments/Tips
  • Point of Contact for Vendors & Guests
  • Personal Attendant for the Couple

$1599 Unbundled

Wedding Planning

Having a Wedding Planner is like having a secret weapon, but without the dramatic explosions. Think of us as the wedding whisperers, the champions of calm amidst the chaos.

We’re not just your ordinary Planners; we’re more like the conductors of a magical symphony, orchestrating all the vendors, details, and whimsical wonders of your big day. Our team doesn’t just handle communication with vendors; we’re practically fluent in their secret language of bouquets and cake tiers.

We research and recommend vendors as if we were creating a secret society of wedding excellence. It’s like having your own exclusive club, where only the finest, most reliable vendors gain entry—kind of like a VIP pass to the best wedding party in town.

From the moment you say “I do” to us, you get a personal wedding genie (minus the lamp and wishes, unfortunately). They’re not just a contact; they’re like a best friend you haven’t met yet, ready to take on the world of wedding planning with you. Think of it as a match made in wedding-planning heaven.

Our Wedding Planner’s knowledge and experience are like the sprinkles on top of your wedding cake; they take your day from just a ‘wedding’ to ‘your wedding.’ And we’re not just problem solvers; we’re problem-preventers, making sure that the biggest hiccup you encounter is deciding which song to play next, not a missing bouquet or a runaway caterer.

Think of us as the superheroes of weddings, ready to swoop in and save the day faster than you can say “I do.” So, sit back, relax, and let us be your wedding superhero team, ensuring that the only surprises you encounter are the ones that make your day even more magical!

All Planning Packages include our Wedding Coordinator Package too!



$ 2299

  • 1 Assigned Planner Immediately After Booking
  • Unlimited Communication Moving Forward
  • Access to Customized Planning Website
  • Organized Planning Process w/ Monthly Update
  • Up to 8 Continuous Hours of Wedding Day Coordination
  • Wedding Advice, Tips, and Tricks Provided
  • Wedding Day Timeline Creation & Distribution
  • Exclusive Preferred Vendor Recommendations
  • Vendor Contract Review
  • Invitation Assistance


$ 3199

  • Includes Premium Package Plus:
  • Up to 9 Continuous Hours of Wedding Day Coordination
  • Attend Tastings/Final Walk-Through (as requested)
  • Present Vendor Availability & Pricing
  • Budget Assistance
  • Decor Guidance


$ 4299

  • Includes Exquisite Package Plus:
  • Up to 10 Continuous Hours of Wedding Day Coordination
  • Wedding Coordinator Assistant up to 8 Continuous Hours
  • Attend Venue Tours & Provide Venue Research (as needed)
  • Manage Initial & Final Payment Reminders
  • Finalize Vendor Booking Process
  • Event & Style Design
  • *Includes Up to 18 Months of Planning*

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