Wedding Day Of Coordinator

The wedding day has been planned and you are ready to experience all the joy and happiness of your special day. But who will make sure everything will go according to plan? Who will make sure vendors show up on time? Who will set up my decor? Who will make sure I’m able to spend as much time as possible with my guests? Your personal wedding coordinator will do all the above and more. Starting at your timeline consultation, your coordinator will help make sure all vendors are on the same page in regards to arrival and departure times. They will get a list of all vendors and ensure contracts are being fulfilled. They will help set up your centerpieces and even make sure your dress is perfect before you take that walk down the aisle. There isn’t much your personal wedding coordinator won’t do for you on your big day.

Day of Coordinator

Day of Coordinator

$ 1299

  • Assigned to couple 90 days prior to the event
  • Open phone and email correspondence from that point onward
  • In-person consult 60-90 days prior to the wedding
  • One-hour rehearsal coverage and expectations wedding party (if requested)
  • Organization of processional and recessional
  • Management and organization of the event (up to 8 hours)*
  • Boutonniere pinning, if needed
  • Setup decor/unity ceremony for ceremony*
  • Setup provided decor/signage/escort cards*
  • Organization and execution of Grand March
  • Organization and execution of speeches, toasts, and dances
  • Distributing final payments and/or tips to all vendors
  • Act as point of contact for vendors and/or guests at the event
  • Transportation of cards/gift to an onsite location
  • Provides personal support to the couple throughout the wedding day


*Restrictions Apply*

Captured Moments

  • Emma was wonderful to work with in getting our services picked out and getting the contract ready. Trish took wonderful engagement photos of us and we look forward to her doing our wedding photography as well. Tasha was fast to work with in creating our save the dates! Thanks to everyone!
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