The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

Unleash the Ultimate DJ Package and watch your wedding become the stuff of legends! Your guests will be RAVING about it for years to come. Get ready to turn your special day into an unforgettable party that's always on everyone's lips! ???

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Introducing the RAVE™ – it’s not your everyday Wisconsin wedding DJ package. Picture a wedding reception that becomes legendary, a story everyone will chat about for years to come. It’s the kind of awesomeness you’ve seen at high-end weddings in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and now, right here in Wisconsin!

But wait, it’s not just about the music—it’s the whole shebang. The emceeing, music presentation, the DJ’s electric energy, the dazzling setup, lights that’ll make your night shine, curated song selection, top-of-the-line equipment, and yes, handling requests like a pro. This isn’t your regular wedding DJ; it’s a full-blown production, an all-inclusive package dishing out nothing but the absolute best for your special day.

It’s one of the most important days of your life, after all. Why settle for anything less? Get ready for wedding memories that’ll RAVE™ on forever! ???

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Included with the Rave Package

Rave Dance Floor Infinity

Magic Infinity Dance Floor

Ready to turn your wedding into an unforgettable night of pure magic? Look no further than our Magic Infinity Dance Floor! If you’re all about creating a one-of-a-kind event for you and your guests, this is the secret sauce.

Once you step onto this dance floor, resistance is futile – it’s a dance floor that beckons, and your guests won’t forget the night they just couldn’t stop grooving!

But that’s not all, this dance floor is like a chameleon – it can become anything you want, from a starlight wonderland to a vibrant display of colors. It can even put on a dazzling light show for every song during your reception party. And here’s the kicker: all this lighting awesomeness is controlled by our super-smart Intelligent Lighting system. When it comes to lighting and effects, you’re getting nothing but the very best! It’s time to light up your night!

The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

Intelligent Lighting

Curious about Intelligent Lighting? It’s not your ordinary lighting—it’s the secret sauce that brings your celebration to life! Imagine a spotlight beaming on you during your first dance or lighting patterns creating magic beneath your feet or floating clouds above you. This is no run-of-the-mill DJ lighting; it’s the same high-tech computer-controlled lighting seen at concerts, clubs, and top-notch productions.

Each song at your reception comes alive with a tailor-made, computer-programmed light show. We’re there hours ahead to set up your personalized light display, customized based on your requests and the room layout. From sophisticated elegance to let’s-party mode, Intelligent Lighting is what will truly set your day apart from the rest. Get ready to shine and make your celebration stand out in the most dazzling way!

Wedding Visualizer Screen

Visualizer Screen

Looking to add a dynamic visual twist to your reception? Get ready to not just listen but see the beats come alive! Enter our Visualizer screen, ready to take your event to a whole new level. Imagine music-matched visual effects on a massive 150” screen behind the DJ booth, synced to the rhythm of the tunes.

Just like our tailor-made Intelligent Lighting system, these effects and light shows are custom-designed not only to the music but also specifically for your event.  It’s time to groove and experience your music in a whole new way!

Up Lights Wedding

Up Lights

Elevate your reception with our Up-Lighting! These vibrant, high-powered LED lights turn your venue into a dynamic space filled with color and excitement, ensuring a reception that’s anything but ordinary. Managed by our intelligent lighting system, it sets the stage for an incredible visual experience!

Whether syncing with your color scheme or illuminating architectural beauty, our Up-Lighting creates an enchanting ambiance. Included in the RAVE Package, enjoy up to 50 uplights (quantity varies based on venue and design). Collaborate with our Entertainment Director for the perfect lighting balance, crafting the exact ambiance you desire! Light up your night in style!

RAVE Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Photobooth

Get ready for some picture-perfect fun with our Magic Mirror Photo Booth! It’s not just a picture-taker, it’s an ice-breaker and a memory-maker. The moment that booth is set up, your guests will flock to it like a magnet. Smiles, poses, and laughs galore – it’s the ultimate entertainment centerpiece that keeps the fun rolling. But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there! Your guests can instantly text, email, and share their awesome photos.

And here’s the cherry on top: by the end of the night, you’ll receive a link to access all the fantastic images captured in our photo booth. It’s a keepsake that captures all the laughter and joy from your unforgettable night!

Wedding Sparktaculars


Time to ignite some magic into your special moments! With our indoor or outdoor Sparktaculars, there’s no need to worry about heat, fire, or any risky business. Instead, get ready to be showered in beautiful sparkles that turn your photos into pure enchantment. It’s a memory-making extravaganza that leaves your guests in awe, creating an unforgettable ‘wow’ factor they won’t stop raving about! Let’s light up the night and let the sparks fly!

The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

Party Sticks

It’s time to crank up the party vibe! How about spicing up your big day with the ultimate photo opportunity on the dance floor? Introducing our glowing foam party sticks! These bad boys are handed out at pivotal moments to make your party burst with excitement. Imagine you and your squad illuminating the dance floor, swaying these glow sticks to the rhythm of the music, creating an Insta-worthy spectacle. And guess what? They’re perfect for a spectacular send-off as the night winds down. Let’s light up the night and craft some enchanting memories!

Wedding Co2 Blasters

CO2 Blaster

Get ready to show your guests that you’re all about serious party vibes! Imagine this: when the celebration hits its peak, you step out with one of our amazing CO2 blasters. It’s the ultimate attention-grabber and a guaranteed way to give your guests an experience they’ll never forget!

CO2 Blasters are the hottest trend at some of the most incredible weddings. It’s time to bring that extra splash of excitement to your celebration!

CO2 Cannons

CO2 Cannons

Imagine this: generally featured at nightclubs, concerts, music festivals, sports events, or grand theatrical performances, our CO2 cannons will absolutely distinguish your wedding from the rest.

Our CO2 cannons take your celebration to the next level. They can elevate your grand entrance and significantly boost the party ambiance. Aspire to make an entrance akin to the Bucks, Packers, or WWE fighters emerging from the tunnel? We offer the same wireless control and LED technology to bring that sensational “wow” factor to your reception. Let’s make your special day feel like a championship-level entrance!

Rave Dinner Slideshow

Video Slideshow

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your journey and highlight your loved ones? A video slideshow at your wedding reception is the perfect showcase of how you’ve all grown to become who you are today. It’s an incredible way to share precious memories with your nearest and dearest on this momentous day.

A video slideshow is a heartwarming tribute to all the special people in your life and is projected on our impressive 150″ Visualizer screen. Let’s turn your memories into a larger-than-life celebration!

First Dance Slide Show RAVE

First Dance Slideshow

Level up your first dance with a nostalgic touch and a splash of glamour! Our First Dance Slideshow is the perfect way to journey from the moment you met to your joyous engagement. This video adds a magical backdrop as it’s displayed on our expansive 150″ Visualizer screen, making your special moment even more unforgettable! Let’s turn your love story into a dazzling celebration!


Animated Monogram

Looking to add a unique flair to your wedding reception? Say hello to the Animated Monogram! Watch your names come to life for that extra personal touch. This animated feature is typically displayed on our Visualizer screen during the cocktail or dinner hour, creating a stunning and personalized backdrop for your celebration! Let’s give your big day that special touch of magic!

Award Winning Wedding DJ & MC in Wisconsin, USA | Vital Image

Additional Sound Systems


Ceremony Coverage

Ensure that your heartfelt vows are heard loud and clear by your guests – they’re the most significant and emotional promises of your life, after all! Our on-site ceremony coverage has got it all covered. We provide wireless microphones and play all the music you request both before and during your ceremony. Let’s make sure your special moment is filled with love, music, and crystal-clear vows!

Wedding DJ Package

Private One on One Concierge Level Service

Get ready to embark on a reception-planning adventure with our Entertainment Director! When you book with us, you’ll receive their private email address and cell phone number, ensuring they’re at your beck and call for any questions or ideas you want to explore. They’ll be with you every step of the way during your planning process.

We’ll also accompany you on a venue walk-through, ceremony rehearsal and more.  We will dive into all the nitty-gritty details, crafting the perfect day. This includes everything from lighting and dance floor arrangements to sound design and beyond. No detail is too small, and every reception is a unique masterpiece, including yours. Let’s design an unforgettable celebration tailored just for you!


The RAVE DJ Team

To ensure your celebration is nothing short of spectacular, you’ll team up with one of Wisconsin’s top-rated wedding DJs. But that’s not all! This exceptional DJ brings along two or more fellow DJs to ensure that the sound, lighting, and overall flow of the evening is absolutely spot-on.

Each member of our RAVE team is handpicked for their professionalism, expertise, and vibrant approach to life. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill wedding DJs, but standout personalities who bring an extraordinary touch to your event. Get ready for an epic celebration with our exceptional DJ crew!

The RAVE™ Wedding DJ Package | Vital Image Wedding Studios

A Celebration You And Your Guests Will Never Forget

Ready to shake up the wedding scene? Say goodbye to “so and so did this” and become the legendary couple everyone talks about for years!

Your night is unlike any other. It’s the gathering of friends and family to celebrate your love story. Get ready for your guests to declare, “I’ve never experienced a reception like this in my life!” It’s a guaranteed lasting impression that sets a new standard for future receptions.

This is your moment, so let’s make it an unforgettable party that everyone will RAVE™ about!

  • My wife & I chose The Vital Image to DJ our wedding on Memorial Day weekend. Our DJ (Rich) was fantastic throughout the entire process! Rich was responsive to our calls and emails, and always double-checked with us to make sure he had all the details right. (He really didn't want to miss a thing!) Even though we were late at picking some of our music, and our schedule got slightly derailed the day-of, Rich handled it all professionally. (He honestly saved the night in many ways!) Not to mention, his music selection was on-point, and kept people on the dance floor. My suggestion: leave most of the music choice up to Rich and his team, he knows what he is doing
  • Top to bottom the team at Vital Image Entertainment is truly exceptional. We had the privilege to work with Rich who was absolutely incredible - he was personable, genuine, and immensely talented. His time management and guidance were so impeccable we moved through the evening of speeches with such ease and grace it made the night so memorable. On top of managing the timeline, the speeches, and our well-being as the bride and groom (making sure we had time to breathe and HAVE FUN) he kept the energy in the whole venue at an all-time high from start to finish. He knew how to play the right music at the right time - keep the positive energy high, and never lose control of the party. Rich, and his entire team, are the definition of class and professionalism - we could not have asked for a better team to work with for our Wedding day to make it the unforgettable experience it turned out to be! Thanks again to such a wonderful team and exceptional organization.
  • We had Rich, James and Glenn for our DJ package as well as the add-on RAVE package. First off, if you are even slightly considering the RAVE package just do it!! The dance floor and lights are honestly all you need to turn your wedding into your dream. The entertainment this package comes with took our wedding to an unreachable level. Aside from the amazing visual outcome the team was personal, attentive and on top of everything from the timeline, MCing and assuring everything went as planned. Rich is so passionate over this industry we had no worries at all. He takes charge, communicates and made the entire wedding go so smoothly. James and Glenn were so good with checking in and honoring all of my last minute requests. I have never been so satisfied in services until working with Vital Image in general.
  • Vital Image was great to work with during our wedding planning. They were quick to respond to emails and utilized a helpful online platform for couples to manage their ceremony and reception song selections. It was well organized and helped us see all of our music selections in one place. I knew as soon as I saw a highlight video of Rich on Vital Image's website that he would make the perfect DJ. He absolutely made our wedding night a success. He kept guests on the floor ALL NIGHT. There was never a moment when the dancefloor was empty. His experience and knowledge played a large part in making a night full of events run very smoothly. He knows how to play to the crowd and balance the bride and groom's vision. He is not only a great DJ, but a fun person to involve in your wedding planning process. We always looked forward to our phone calls leading up to the wedding with Rich. He knows how to make you feel special and supported. Other vendors on our team noted his self sufficiency and expertise. I'm so happy that Rich was a part of our wedding day.
  • Having Vital Image take lead on DJ/Photo/Video, as one package, was by far, one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning! Not to mention that having Brigette as our Day of Coordinator, was essential; we really do not know how we could have pulled off the day without her. VI was more than a vendor. We really felt that they were a part of our overall planning process as well as our wedding party! Tom, who handled our engagement/wedding photos, truly captured what we envisioned our day to be. Rich, Glen, James and the team delivered an epic performance with the RAVE package (highly recommend and definitely worth the value) and every other aspect of the event. VI is now a part of our family!

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