Bridal Boudoir

Your wedding is just months away, you and your fiance have been planning non-stop and working together as a team. Now is YOUR moment to shine! Give them the ultimate wedding day gift to really get their excitement rolling to see you walk down that aisle… the gift of you.

Take the morning to get pampered with Professional Hair and Makeup, then head over to our Elegant Boudoir Studio to meet with one of our Professional Photographers. We will walk you through every step, pose, and outfit, all while have fun in a relaxed atmosphere with upbeat music playing in the background. You will be skipping out of our studio with an amazing confidence boost that is just what you needed after all these months of planning!

Lace Boudoir

$ 299

  • This package includes a 2-hour session in our boudoir studio.
  • The top 20-30 images are uploaded to an online private gallery, within 30 business days.

Elegance Boudoir

$ 449

  • This upgraded package includes everything in the Lace Boudoir session.
  • Plus you will receive your hair & makeup professionally done at a nearby salon prior to your shoot.

Couples Boudoir

$ 699

  • This upgraded package includes a 2 hour, in studio shoot with your significant other.
  • Women receive their hair & makeup professionally done at a nearby salon while the men get a fresh wash and style.
  • The top 35 images are uploaded to your online gallery, plus you receive our upgraded Peek-a-Book Book.

Captured Moments

The team at Vital Image were amazing. Rich knew exactly how to make us feel comfortable, look stunning, and have fun. I would 100% recommend him and his team to anyone for a boudoir shoot

Name Withheld for Privacy
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