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The World Wedding Series

As is typical with any true baseball fan, Jessica always dreamed of touring the home field of her favorite team, Miller Park. Jessica and Michael have been to many games, which have taken them to many different baseball stadiums together. While Michael is an avid Cubs fan, he enjoys the rivalry Jessica brings with her love of the Brewers. Miller Park is a magical place for Jessica, complete with angels singing and sunshine illuminating everything beautifully every time she visits her #1 team there. The sun was shining the day Michael set up a private tour for him and Jessica to explore everything this park has to offer.


Jessica was floating on cloud nine as she sat in the visiting team’s dugout, just imagining her beloved Brewers crushing Michael’s adored Cubs, and was told she could walk out onto the actual field! Jessica slowly roamed around the field, and let her eyes wander all around her in disbelief - she was actually standing on the field where so many great Brewers’ players have stood and played before her. Her daydream was cut a little short when she noticed her boyfriend was no longer right beside her. She turned to look for him, only to be abruptly stopped, and have her breath escape her as she processed her shock seeing Michael down on one knee!


Everything was perfect; she was in a historic and meaningful place with the man of her dreams! Once she realized that she was indeed awake… the answer was a resounding YES! that echoed through the stadium (she admittedly did yell a little).

This picturesque proposal story could easily end there… but Michael likes to take things a little bit farther. The day was planned and executed flawlessly, now to just add to his new fiancé’s elation. As Jessica was still strolling alongside her new fiancé, admiring her new ring, head in the clouds, they headed into a local bar to celebrate. As they entered the bar, Jessica saw their closest friends already there and waiting to celebrate the proposal with them!


To keep the momentum up on this home run of a proposal, Jessica was presented with tickets to that night’s game! Jessica, along with her gorgeous new ring amazing fiancé, and their closest friends, were all headed to watch tonight’s home game; on the field that she just stood on in awe, and was proposed to by the love of her life.



Prior to their bonding over baseball, Jessica and Michael both attended St. Norbert College, where they had mutual friends. To involve this portion of their history together, we called all of the alumni out onto the dance floor during their reception for a group photo. Let me tell you…. This reception was just shy of being a St. Norbert College alumni reunion, because just about every person in the room (young and old) was out on that dance floor for the alumni picture!


Michael set the bar pretty high with that proposal, but their wedding day was nothing short of superb, complete with baseball details, of course. To express their love of America’s Great Pastime, and memorialize all of the stadiums they have visited, each table was dedicated to a different sports park (Jessica’s favorite was of course dedicated to the Brewers, and Michael got to decorate the Cubs table however he wanted.) Each table was also adorned with a wooden bat for each table’s “team” of family and friends to autograph, as opposed to having a typical guest book or board.


As is true of most weddings, our couple wanted this day to really reflect who they are as a couple and the things that are most important to them: Baseball and Family! The baseball aspect was definitely covered, and being unable to cull any family members, they had ten nieces and nephews involved during their ceremony alone!! Their day started off stormy and raining (which by the way is good luck!), and then after a beautiful, family rich ceremony, they opened the doors of the church, and were greeted by a gift from nature - a perfect, sunny afternoon.

From the perfect proposal, to a fun, upbeat reception complete with family, friends, great food, fun games, baseball details, and timeless colors to bring it all together (black and white with gold accents); Jessica and Michael’s relationship is off to a grand slam of a start!

A.B. & S.C.

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