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Wedding Reception Music - What’s hot and what’s not when it comes to your music choices

Wedding Reception Music
Choose the right Wedding Reception Music


Wedding reception music and choosing what music to play can be quite a challenge.  You want to make sure all your guests are having a great time and lets face it not everyone listens to the same music.  Whether they want to hear Kid Rock, Frank Sinatra, Polka, Rascal Flatts or NWA we came across this amazing study from some of the countries top wedding DJ’s.  This full list was compiled by Billboard, here are some great ideas to make sure your guests have a great time at your wedding.


Check it out here


And just a side note if your DJ only suggests that you should play "Single Ladies" for the bouquet toss as their only suggestion, keep looking.  This song is way overused and while great it may refer to the experience of your DJ at weddings.

2017 Wedding Guide



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