Newly engaged and not sure where to start? Maybe you have already started, but are getting overwhelmed? Our team of expert Wedding Planners can take all of the stress off of you! Go from being a host to an honored guest with one simple move. Our team has planning packages that will meet your needs. Our Elegance Package will meet you halfway by providing you with direction and assistance, yet still allowing you to be in control. Looking for more? Our Diamond Package will take care of every detail of your wedding day, exactly how you have always dreamt it to be. Enjoy your engagement in the stress free zone. 

Having a Wedding Planner on your team is worth the world. On your big day you trust professionals to prepare your food, photograph your emotions and create your vision. Why not trust a Wedding Planner to coordinate your whole day? A day that is one of the biggest moments of your entire life. Our team will handle all communications and coordination with all of your vendors before and during your wedding. We work with you on budgeting and help create a cohesive day-of timeline that all your vendors can agree upon. We research and recommend venues and vendors that we have personally had excellent experience with. We even design and distribute your invitations! From the moment you book with Vital Image you will be assigned a single point of contact. You will get to meet that person and start building a relationship with them from day one. Our Wedding Planners have been a part of so many weddings and our knowledge and experience can make the difference between a wedding and your wedding. 

Your wedding should be all about the two of you. You shouldn’t be thinking about anything except marrying the love of your life. That’s where Vital Image Wedding Planners come in. Let us be your voice. Let us be your advocate. We will be there and ready to solve any hiccup they may come along. There is a saying, “The best problem to have is the one you never knew about”.


Tasha has always had a passion for weddings and planning since a young age. She knew growing up that her dreams would take her into the world of weddings. She began her career as a Photo Booth attendant and periodically second photographer. As much as she enjoyed her time working weddings, she knew there was something more she wanted. After becoming a licensed Wedding Coordinator, she began working with couples from the very beginning steps and making sure their Big Day is absolutely perfect.

“I always got to see couples on their wedding day, but my real desire was to begin building our relationship much earlier. I want to help them build their dream day and not just observe it”.


Emma has been planning and coordinating events for the last 7 years from large scale elaborate events to smaller, intimate gatherings; however weddings have always been her passion. She decided to follow her heart and focus her attention on wedding planning and coordinating. Emma has traveled the world coordinating events and has been involved with Milwaukee Pride Fest, the Universities of Wisconsin, and ExtraOrdinary Events in Australia. Emma is completely focused on bringing your vision of your big day to life. Emma can offer guidance and support while you are planning; whether you want her to plan every detail or be someone to bounce ideas off of. On the day of while you focus on being pampered and dressed; she will be a busy bee coordinating with your venue, organizing your vendors, assuring that everything is decorated to perfection, and making sure all of your guests are happy and their needs accommodated. At the end of the day Emma’s goal is to have your big day be everything you dreamed it to be and more.

I must boast how I received my stunning engagement photos in less than 12 days from the day we met to shoot them. I have many months of planning left and working with Vital Image has been and continues to be the best experience.I'm so thrilled to be working with such an organized and reputable company. Their commitment to communication and attention to detail is outstanding.

Sarah and Jason
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