We HAVE TO Catch That Train!

We HAVE TO Catch That Train!

Vital Image asks our couples a lot of questions to get a feel for them as people, as a couple, and their overall personality and style. Jude’s answer to one of our questions was so beautiful I can think of absolutely no way to relay it in a blog, so I am going to start our story with her direct quote, to showcase this couple’s relationship and raw emotion.


“I will never be able to fully describe how much love I have for him, so the fact that people could see that meant the world to me. He means the world to me.” – Jude Weber


Their absolute love for each is the product of over five years of being together, and it shone through brightly on their wedding day.


The couple started dating after they had met at work, and they got along so well they were able to date and work together. The extra time together only strengthened their bond.


A few years after their relationship began, Steve decided to turn a lazy Sunday into a day Jude would never forget. He was so nervous Jude clearly remembers him being quite “sassy” throughout the day. Little did she know; the sheer planning running through his mind.


A relaxing, do nothing Sunday was planned one week, and after waking up Steve decided to surprise Jude with a trip to the zoo. She immediately jumped on board as they both thoroughly enjoy visiting the zoo and had not been there in a while. However, all morning long Steve seemed very rushed, and a little off. They got through the zoo in a bit of a hurry, and Steve quickly suggested a train ride… a very important train ride. Jude wanted to know why Steve was anxious that morning and why they had to be on that train, and she was about to find out!


Shortly after boarding the train, Steve calmed down and starting speaking in a serious tone. He shared his feelings with Jude, his happiness, his completeness. He pulled out the ring that had been weighing on his mind all morning and proposed to her on that train that no-longer-lazy Sunday. Jude stammered through her disbelief and when she was positive she was awake and this was really happening she replied with an emphatic Yes! Jude shortly realized why this specific train was so important as well. As they pulled back into the station and the doors opened, her parents were there waiting to congratulate the newly engaged couple. Steve not only planned the day, but the congratulatory meeting after the train ride.


This past weekend the two were wed, and it was a wedding true to who they are as people and as a couple. The affair was simple yet elegant, and was accompanied by great food and entertainment. When asked what their favorite moment was of the day, they both responded without hesitation that it was standing under the pergola together during the ceremony. They had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to be wed, and could not have been any happier in that moment.


They were surrounded by close friends, family, and even a fantastic collection of the co-workers they used to work alongside at the company where they met.


Marvelous food, a beautiful venue, a gorgeous gown… this couple had everything wanted in their wedding and more.


They even topped off the evening with a Burger Bar! A wonderfully welcomed break from the traditional late-night snack of pizza or popcorn; they had the venue set up a burger bar toward the end of the night with all the fixings to help fuel the dancing well into the night.


Jude brought something very personal to their day and their ceremony as well. Her grandparents passed a few years ago, and since they would not be able to attend the wedding, Jude and her mother traveled to their home on Pine Lake to bring a piece of them to the wedding. Her grandparents’ home was their dream home, and Jude bottled some sand off of their beach to use in the sand ceremony at her wedding. So her grandparents couldn’t attend the event itself, but a little piece of them and their dream home will be with Jude in her home every day, forever. That is a statement equally as beautiful as the one that started this story.



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