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The Importance of Print

Have you backed up today?


We all know we are susceptible to computer viruses, dead phones, accidents, and good old forgetfulness. We all lose memories all the time; many of them are really ok to lose (that burger from that place that one time that you had to take a shot of and share online isn’t going to break your heart when you lose that image).

But what about the images you can’t lose. The ones that highlight an absolutely beautiful moment in your life that you poured your heart and self into making happen. Would you move on if you lost those, or would it genuinely impact you? Most of us would be impacted rather negatively if we lost our parents or grandparents last great picture with us, or that one time 3 years ago when I had all my friends and family assembled in one place, all dressed up and enjoying a wonderful night.


Now let’s visit our shoe boxes. Yeah, we still call back to the 1950s tradition of saving our pictures in a small, closed box so the light doesn’t fade them and we can look at them forever. It is just something about the feel of the paper in your hand – it is the same reason e-books are on a constant decline. That feel. That smell. That comforting sensual experience. The warmth it all holds in one little piece of paper.

This is why we print. This is why you should print.


We at Vital Image understand we live in a digital age, and we, of course, support sharing your images. They are yours and it is what we as a society do. Unfortunately, we also see the other side of all of this. People who never backed up all 1000+ images, and lost their flash drive, or had their computer catch fire and now all they have are the low-res online images they decided to share. That last picture of Grandma, or Uncle Ken, with the whole family, gone forever. We have many couples that contact us every year and share their horror stories.

However, we have never heard of someone losing a wedding album. We do not get calls that their shoebox suddenly died and all the pictures inside disappeared. When your favorite memories, your must-have images become physical, they are no longer subject to the hazards that come with digital media.


This is why we print. This is why you should print.


This all sounds very doom and gloom, and you are just going to back everything up to 9 places and send 4 of them to other continents, and you will never be without your files. That is a great plan, please keep everything backed up. We back up our stuff and have off-site locations for these exact reasons. So please, back everything up.


Even if you have 11 backups of everything, we still ask you to consider printing, for some very simple reasons.


Parent albums are one of the most requested items you can get. They make great parent Thank You gifts, and parents love them (yes both moms and dads, but dads admit to it less). They love being able to pull a small album out for guests or coworkers and just show you off. You are their child, you are all dressed up, you are as happy as can be at a day that is entirely about you; there is nothing better to a parent than showing you off at that exact moment in time.


Canvases or large prints, known as wall art, is also something requested by about 80% of our couples. They usually want two or three pictures from their wedding for the same aforementioned reasons. Fresh haircut, pressed suit, professionally done makeup, custom jewelry, shiny shoes… the list goes on, but the point is: You Look Good. Why not put that on your wall, show yourself every day that you look good, show your guests and family how happy your spouse makes you (even when they don’t). Other wall art is usually large format pictures including a lot of people, some of which you may not see very often. When you have 11 people in a picture, cramming all those faces onto a small 4x6 just doesn’t look nearly as nice as a larger print up on your wall. Some couples make gorgeous collages of different size prints and dedicate a wall to their family and friends; other couples create a tour through their home of larger prints, so as they walk around they get to see random highlights from their day. There is no right or wrong answer to choosing your prints, but it is sad to see so many people tuck their pictures away on a computer and never look at them again. Once they are on your wall, you see them every day without having to do anything at all.


Print quality is the last thing we would like to address, and it will be the shortest point. While we recommend you print through us, we really just want you to print your images. It is becoming a lost medium and hearing stories from our couples that forget just how beautiful they and their wedding were, is disheartening to hear. We get samples from printing companies every month or so, and we decline 90% of them, because we use who we consider to be the best. The sharpest images, the most vibrant colors, and the best, long-lasting papers. We care very much about the quality of our images from the moment we set the stage to when we hand you the print. We calibrate our screens to our printer’s machines, and our colors are true from start to finish because of this. When you print at a local picture hut, we cannot stand behind any aspect of the print, including colors – we have actually tested this and dresses come out off-white, reds come out more like orange, blues come out faded, etc. We stand behind our prints, we will work with our vendors to correct any problems on any album, canvas or print that you get from us, and all of our printing is done only by those we trust. We serve over 350 couples every year, and have just expanded our team, we simply do not accept poor products from our team nor our vendors.


We here at Vital Image would like you to consider the countless uses and benefits to printing your images; whether it be our wedding or not. Printing is often as important as the image itself.

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