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Sunshine is Always Brighter after the Rain

Life very rarely goes according to plan. We plan the perfect proposal, select the best possible date, toil over every detail of our wedding, and ensure we follow our morning rituals and eat nothing but kale and multi-vitamins (and antacids) for the week prior to our wedding… but the universe still ignores our plans (it’s probably cranky it didn’t get an invitation).


Alex and Kyle know all about the universe not following their plans and the unexpected turns the road that is life can take. From several first-date cancellations, to as-yet-unbroken promises not to kill each other, they have had a great ride which started with an online message. It came as no surprise to Kyle when his perfect proposal hit a glitch. They were at Hunting Island in South Carolina looking for shark teeth on the beach. Kyle’s plan was to drop to one knee and propose when Alex found a shark’s tooth; the only problem was that there were no shark teeth to be found. With some fantastic foresight, and the assumption he would have to make his own luck, Kyle brought a shark tooth with him and dropped it for Alex to find. She found the tooth, he dropped to one knee, and presented the beautiful customized ring he had made for her. But, of course, our friendly universe had to just run interference since Kyle thought ahead and planned for some contingencies. Before Alex could even respond, the wind grabbed Kyle’s jacket, and carried it to the ocean! He got tears in Alex’s eyes that day, but it was a 70/30 split between the ring on her finger, and watching her now fiancé chase a jacket around the beach (you can decide which was 70 and which was 30).



All of these bumps in the road have strengthened the bond between Alex and Kyle. This couple doesn’t let anything get them down, not even a rain storm on their perfect day.


While they had planned for a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the lake, Mother Nature disagreed with that plan, and instead brought lots of good luck rain for the entire day. It is a long-standing tradition in the wedding business that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, and if the superstition is to be believed, these two should have no fear of not growing old together. Kyle and Alex moved their ceremony indoors, where Alex’s cousin performed their personalized wedding ceremony. Alex felt very strongly that she wanted her cousin, Jason, to be the one to marry her and Kyle. Jason was also her sponsor for her first communion, so with her heartfelt request, and in keeping with the tradition of having him play an important role for life’s major events, Jason went through the grueling task of becoming ordained, just to make his cousin’s wish a reality. His first ceremony as an officiant was delivered admirably, and he finalized the union of these two wonderful people.


The rain did not entirely stop them from having a little fun outside for their portraits! Alex came prepared with a literal pile of white umbrellas for her wedding party, so we moved the fun outside to let their love and personalities shine through!

Their reception at Heidel House was nothing short of a huge, fantastic party with relaxed fun and, of course, the occasional surprise and joke for this laid-back, go-with-the-flow couple. Being from Illinois, but getting married in Wisconsin, the bride’s families friends thought it would be a fun surprise to present them with some special wardrobe additions. Mid speeches they were presented with crowns of cheese, with cheese earrings and a cheese bow tie to match; and let me tell you, this couple rocked those accessories!


After the first dances were done, and the cake had been cut, nature was kind enough to give them a reprieve to spend some time relaxing together outside while their guests continued to enjoy the party. Being outdoors in the quiet was the perfect end to their perfectly bumpy ride into marriage.


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