Sometimes the Internet moves really slowly

Sometimes the Internet moves really slowly

This is not a fast-paced, life on the internet story. This one took time, was built well, and ended with a beautiful evening.

Mike and Sarah met online, like so many couples today, but they took their time getting to know each other really well before taking any steps past talking and texting. 7 months’ worth of time to be exact. They finally met each other after all that time, and it apparently paid off. Mike knew Sarah was “the one” and thoroughly planned out his proposal. He had a specific Christmas tree ornament for the event, and even recorded it to be watched later by the two of them. His proposal was better constructed than many houses nowadays.


On the morning of December 6th, which was conveniently Sarah’s birthday, he set it all in motion. He asked for help decorating the Christmas tree, and handed Sarah an ornament of a snowman proposing to a snowgirl! He then dropped to one knee, under the mistletoe purposefully planted above them, and asked her to be his snowgirl. All of this was being recorded as well, unbeknownst to Sarah, just so Mike could surprise her with it later to re-live it. Sarah, of course, said Yes!, and the two set out to melt each other’s heart (Mike had a head start after that proposal).

The night before their wedding, mere hours before the big event, Mike sprung his surprise video on Sarah, and they got to sit in each other’s’ arms and relive that special night and that precious moment together. All of this with the sun setting in the background behind them. This guy is a savant of romanticism, it really is no wonder why she said yes.


Their wedding was a testament to their planning, their love for each other, and their family.


Sarah, the school teacher, brought her love for the classroom and her profession by means of a School Bus! Yup, that’s right, no boring limo or party bus for these two… they were chauffeured around in a big yellow bus. From their ceremony at Holy Name Parish in Sheboygan to Riverfront Drive for field photography on the lake, and onto their final destination for the evening of The Bull at Pinehurst, they traveled in banana-wrapped style.

After dinner, they passed out ice cream pops in honor of Sarah’s late Uncle Peter. Her uncle used to own an ice cream shop in Illinois, and his sister-in-law recently reopened that ice cream shop in a new location. As an homage to her uncle, and a tip of the hat to his sister-in-law, those ice cream pops were a must on their list.


We get some intimate time with our couples throughout the whole day, and one of the best parts of our job is to be involved in those times, and to be privy to the looks they share on their wedding day. Mike and Sarah were very obviously in love that day, and it showed all day long. At the end of the night we had a chance to relax with just the two of them for a few minutes and we asked for their favorite moments (we may have been thinking about this blog when we asked), and it was a toss-up for Sarah. Mike knew his favorite moment was holding Sarah in his arms for their first dance. Sarah could not decide if it was the moment she walked down the aisle and saw Mike’s face (and tears) gleaming back at her, or if it was going out alone at night; just Sarah, Mike and the photographer, for night time portraiture and some relaxation.

No matter what these two fantastic people come across, we know they will be taking their time together to overcome any obstacle.


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