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Meet Ryan

Ryan has been creating videos his entire life.  Back to when he was a child wearing a tye-dye shirt jumping around the backyard with his Dad’s old VHS camcorder.  Eventually Ryan was old enough to make the leap into college where Ryan decided to move from Eau Claire to the big city of Milwaukee to study film.  After 4 years and many student loans at UWM Ryan left there ready to capture video with a new refined attention to detail.  Since then Ryan has made countless short films that have premiered across the country and worked on countless other video projects around Milwaukee and around the country.

In his free time he enjoys filming wedding videos and brings an attention to detail mixed with a cinematographer’s eye to every wedding video he does. He thinks of each wedding video as a short film story of a day in your life and captures it beautifully.  His rambunctious persona will add flare and pzazz to your special day. If you have ever wondered what type of videographer fits your wedding best, you’ve come to the right guy because Ryan is very adaptable and accommodating. Whether your wedding is outside, inside, in a barn, in a church, in a house, in a creek, in a Krispy Kreme, wherever, he’s up for the challenge. Ryan always brings his own water bottle to each wedding to make sure he stays plenty hydrated, so if you were worried about safety and hydration for your wedding videographer, don’t, because Ryan’s always thinking ahead. 

One fun fact about Ryan is that he hates mustard and banana’s, so if either are at your wedding please keep them far away from him so he can focus on the wedding video. Currently, Ryan has completed the production of another short film and has goals of shooting a feature length film next.  If you’ve ever wanted your wedding day to look like a movie, then this guy Ryan is your man and then some. His spunk and reserved rowdiness on your special day will make for a video that you’re soon to never forget; a video that you will watch weekly for the rest of your lives. Many have compared the wedding video style of Ryan to a movie combination of “Flubber” meets “SAW 6”, so you’re in for a whirlwind of emotions on this roller coaster ride.  Ryan knows his way around a video camera like he does around a refrigerator, very well. His skill as a videographer transfers directly into your wedding video with unique shots, sick angles, exciting movement, hair-raising drone shots, and many other patterned video shots that Ryan is know for all over the valley.  Many past brides have described Ryan as “Rustic, but yet approachable” and “Darn cool and legit”.  So, take it for yourself and experience a wedding video you’re soon to never forget.  

Just Some of Ryan's Work

  • We absolutely loved working with vital image! We used them for photography, videography, DJ and photobooth. Thanks to everyone for being a part of our special day!!!
  • This company is a true full service. With customer service at its prime. This was the best choice of our wedding experience and our day would have been so different without this team.
  • My daughter was married in Lake Geneva, and Vital Image was amazing. Everyone was customer-service focused, professional and FUN from our planning sessions to the end of the reception. I can't say enough about Vital Image's Team and Services. I highly recommend them!
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