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Planning Your Engagement Session with Vital Image

 Engagement Session, Vital Image Photography

It’s always an exciting time when you as a couple sit down and start planning your wedding—including scheduling your engagements session. But when is the “right time” for a session like that?

That answer is easy: Only you can decide the “right time” to have your engagement session.

Some couples want to do their session right away, while others wait until it’s closer to the big day. Either way, it’s your big day, and they’re your engagement pictures. Have them done when you want to do them!

If you’re trying to decide on what time of year to schedule your session, that all depends on the kind of pictures you want. If you hate the cold, don’t plan on a December shoot or holiday-themed shoot unless it’s indoors and by a fire. If you want lots of colors, make sure the flowers are in bloom or the leaves are changing.

Your best resource for these kinds of questions is going to be our photographer. Never be hesitant to ask questions! This is what they’re there for, after all.

Still, the best advice you can follow is simply to plan ahead. Make sure to schedule your session ahead of time if you’re looking for that sweet spot of time as the leaves are changing or the flowers are blooming. Dates do fill up fast for times like those.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our engagement session advice, where we will discuss location ideas. . . .

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