Mrs & Mrs: A Love Story

We had the pleasure of celebrating with Casie and Maggie this past weekend as they said “I do” at the beautiful Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. From the very beginning of their day, all the way through to the last dance, you could feel the love and excitement in the air. This feeling did not come as much of a surprise knowing the backstory of these two beautiful brides!

Casie and Maggie met four years ago at Maggie’s brother’s engagement party. They began talking to each other all day every day. Casie had plans to move to Texas – a job and house already lined up – but she knew she was falling in love with Maggie. Knowing that true love is not something to just walk away from, Casie canceled all of her plans to move, and stayed to continue her relationship with Maggie.

Fast forward to November 2015. In the hustle and bustle that is Thanksgiving, Casie requested a date with just Maggie to relax since they knew they had a lot of running and craziness in the coming days. She planned to take her to Cooper’s Hawk – the restaurant where they shared their first official date, and went anytime they had something to celebrate.


As they walked to the back of the restaurant Casie pulled back the curtain to reveal the back room lit up with candles everywhere and blue rose flower petals in the shape of a heart around the table, with another dozen blue roses on the table waiting for her. As Maggie realized her dream was coming true and began to cry, Casie dropped down to one knee and asked Maggie for her hand in marriage. To which Maggie’s answer to this perfect proposal was obviously “YES!”.

This romanticism set the tone for their wedding day. Their bridal party dressed in the colors of the rainbow, with roses to match, lined up along both sides of them shedding tears of pure joy. Maggie looked absolutely stunning, and Casie could, understandably, not hide the hitch in her breathing when she entered the room. As Maggie walked down the aisle, all of her friends and family were surprised to see her custom jewelry and the splash of color added to her dress – a beautiful blue corset lacing ran up her back.


Maggie and Casie were joined at the altar by Casie’s brother, who had the honor of officiating their marriage. He was quickly caught up in the emotion of the day, and did a fantastic job in his role. Their best man and maid of honor accompanied them in combining the glass of their loved ones’ with their own in a glass ceremony held at the side of the altar.

The Kalahri Resort did a commendable job in their decorations and catering for the day. The brides had beautiful blue roses throughout the hall, and the venue had a hanging flower petal chandelier above the dance floor. Everything seemed to compliment the next. Their colors presented in both the linens at the tables, as well as the center pieces; the rainbow ensemble of their wedding party mirrored in the rainbow colored wedding cake; every detail was thought through and presented wonderfully.


We had a chance to get the brides alone toward the end of the reception for some late night light painting photos, and they did share that their wedding day was everything they both dreamed of.


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