Life, uhh, finds a way

Life, uhh, finds a way

On stage, in front of both families, with the spot lights on, Iqbal dropped to his knee and held out a gorgeous, shiny, polished, extravagant, elegant, luxurious, ornate, red RingPop (there’s a semi-inside story here, but it’s for them to enjoy). He really did propose with a lollipop though… just goes to show you don’t always need a fancy ring to get a Yes!


Iqbal and Mehek found each other by pure chance. They attended a networking event for young professionals, and within minutes they were quoting one of the greatest cinematic events of our generation (ok, I might be a little biased in that statement, but our couple knows what’s up!). It all began with a simple “Hello” and when it, naturally, progressed to Jurassic Park quotes, Iqbal knew he could not let her leave without scheduling a first date.


Iqbal and Mehek are the epitome of “When you know, you know.” They met each other for the first time only 7 short months ago. In January of 2017 the couple met for the first time, and Iqbal very quickly knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman. By the end of April their two families were meeting each other. Mehek, whose family originates from Pakistan, and Iqbal, whose family originates from Bangladesh, are both very deeply tied to their heritage and traditions. When they recognized this about each other it only reinforced their feelings for each other. Because of their appreciation for tradition, in addition to their anchor and value held in family, they both kept their families informed about each other and their feelings that they had found “the one”.



Mehek’s parents practice neurology and psychology and they put Iqbal through an absolutely thorough evaluation of both mind and psyche when they first met him (OK maybe not terribly thorough, but it was probably fun for them if nothing else!). Iqbal’s parents, on the other hand, took one look at Mehek, and knew their son could find no one better than this kind, beautiful woman they had heard all about, and nearly proposed on his behalf.


This beautiful couple both agree that the love and support they have received from their own, and each other’s, families has completely reinforced what they already knew: that they were more than right for each other. They have become not only each other’s fiancé in such a short time, but each other’s best friend and confidante. Mehek is focusing on finishing law school, and Iqbal is supporting her and her dreams 100%, in true marital partner fashion.



They celebrated their fantastic Engagement event at the Hyatt Regency in Bloomington, MN and made a beautiful night of the event. Mehek was decorated in gorgeous henna and draped in a fabulous lengha. Iqbal handsomely filled out his suit, and paired with a radiant smile that told everyone he knew how lucky he was to have found Mehek.


Iqbal and Mehek will continue to carry their love and respect for their heritages’ traditions into the planning of their wedding. At the end of July 2018, they will have a series of wedding festivities that include fun dances, henna, honorable ceremony and Bollywood style reception (and more in between). They will be sharing their adventure, their story, and their love with their families and friends over the next year; and culminating all of their planning in a night that everyone will be talking about for years. And we at Vital Image and not only proud, but honored to be included in their story.


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