Kelsey and Jake’s Magical Milwaukee Wedding

Kelsey and Jake’s Magical Milwaukee Wedding

What would you do if your mom setup a profile for you on match.com and handpicked your next boyfriend? Well obviously, you would marry him.


At least that’s how it worked out for our gorgeous bride Kelsey this past weekend.


Kelsey had decided it was time for a break from dating, and she was going to focus on her new puppy; after all, who needs the hassle of dating when you can play with a puppy instead! Well, Kelsey’s mom took that as a sign to play matchmaker, and she set up a profile for Kelsey on match.com and pored over all the eligible bachelors. Then she saw Jacob.  


Here’s a nice looking young man, his bio reveals he is a family man (Mom just sees grandbabies in her future), and he brews his own beer (bonus points with Kelsey’s dad). This guy hits the trifecta, so mom sets up the date.


The details about mom revealing her grand plan and whether or not Kelsey stopped speaking to her for a few days weren’t entirely shared with us, but oh to be a fly on the wall during that conversation.


After an amazing first date, and several months together, it was official: Mom was right; these two were in love. One of their more memorable dates was to an Escape Room, not the kind from Saw, but the new local, safe, well-lit puzzle solving rooms. Six months after their first visit to the escape room, Escape MKE, Jake setup a special appointment with the escape room and set his plan in motion. Jake had visited the escape room earlier and worked with the employees there to set up a very special room for just the two of them (no, not like the 50 Shades’ Red Room, this is romantic, people!). As they searched for clues to escape the room, Kelsey came across a small box that looked out of place; surely it was the next clue! As she turned to show Jake, he got down on one knee, opened the box to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring, and asked her to be his wife.


Not only did she say yes, but the escape room company was able to catch it all on video (they videotape the rooms for safety and security reasons).  


Kelsey and Jake are big into Milwaukee culture, and they wanted that to be a large part of their wedding day. They successfully interlaced the Milwaukee culture they are so fond of into a beautiful and romantic Wedding; and ended up with a simply magical day.


Their ceremony was held at the stunning Grace Evangelical Church in downtown Milwaukee. With the huge stained glass windows and ornate altar, the sheer and stunning beauty of this church, along with its rich history, created a gorgeous, romantic backdrop for these two during their ceremony and vows when they tied the knot Saturday afternoon.

The ceremony flowed immediately into formal portraits at the historic church, and from there they traveled to Lake Park and The Milwaukee Art Museum to incorporate more of their love for the city into their Wedding Day portraiture.


While this has already been an amazing day for Kelsey and Jake, their favorite moment of the day came later as they stood out on the balcony above the ballroom at The Milwaukee Athletic Club and watched all of their guests take their seats in anticipation of the announcement of Mr. & Mrs. Heffter. The guests looked up in awe as they saw the handsome couple standing above them admiring their family and friends.

The day and evening was spent entirely encompassed by family and friends, but they did find some time for just the two of them. We found them a very small, secluded, and hidden portion of the rooftop of the Athletic Club, and captured the two of them staring into the eyes of their new spouse, with a spectacular sunset lighting the skies up above and behind them. It turned the skyscrapers into towers from a fairy tale to end their story on the perfect note.

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