The Internet Couple with the 100-Year-Old Wedding

The Internet Couple with the 100-Year-Old Wedding

The spirit of the Roaring Twenties was brightly marked with a break in traditions. Kelly and Shawn made the untraditional 20s the theme for their May 20th wedding after being guests at 8 other weddings in one year and seeing the same traditions every time. They wanted to throw a party that would stand out against the rest, and they definitely succeeded!

It all began when Kelly saw Shawn’s profile picture on the online dating site Plenty of Fish, and could not get enough of his smile. She decided to go for the gold, and sent him an eye-catching message that would stand out against all of the generic “Hi” messages. Come to find out – Shawn had been checking out Kelly’s profile for the last few weeks, but couldn’t muster up the courage to reach out to this perfect match. After a six hour Skype session together, the rest was history. They knew they were going to be in each other’s lives for a long time to come!

Shawn was much less apprehensive in his approach to the proposal, and even let his dramatic side shine bright. When Kelly came home from work in between shifts to care for Kyle, who had called to tell her he was going home early because he was sick, she heard him rustling around in their spare bedroom. When she pushed open the door he was down on one knee with a large signed that said “Will You Marry Me?” This wasn’t just an ordinary handwritten sign though; Kyle had saved all of the ticket stubs and wristbands of places they had been to together, and used these to create each letter.

Over the years Kelly and Shawn have attended many weddings together; so when it came to planning, they knew what they wanted and what they didn’t. An absolute must for them was that they needed to stand out from the crowd and throw a party that would not soon be forgotten. This hotsy-totsy couple hit the nail on the head with their festive 1920s themed wedding at The Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, WI. Their celebration was exciting, compassionate, wild, heartfelt, and most of all – beautiful.

Kelly and Shawn meticulously picked every detail of their wedding to match the 1920’s era – as well as their favorite show Boardwalk Empire (still waiting on the Congratulations card from Steve Buscemi by the way). The men’s suits were reflective of 1920’s daytime fashion – which historically consisted of striped, plaid, tweed, or herringbone pattern fitted suits with matching trousers and vests. Even the shoes tied in perfectly with their black lace-up oxfords.

The bridesmaids clearly did their research to match the Roaring Twenties theme at this event as well. Traditional 1920’s women’s formal wear included a sleeveless dress, sheer hose, several pieces of jewelry, and, of course, the essential hair ornaments. Glittering beads, sequins, and gold mesh are the perfect touches to these retro outfits.

In true Gatsby fashion, their reception was lavish and extravagant. Even the guests and vendors dressed in appropriate 1920’s attire for this epic blow. To top it all off; as an omaĝe to the Speakeasy of the ‘20s – the groom set up a whiskey and cigar bar, complete with empty whiskey barrels as a base, to kick this party off right.

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