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The Do & Don't of Attending a Wedding Expo

Attending a wedding expo with your fiance or wedding party could be a great experience where you find awesome deals. Unfortunately it can also be overwhelming and stressful. As a family run and orientated wedding studio, we want to make sure your experience is always a positive one. Here are some helpful tips and tricks when attending any expo.


  1. Don’t be bullied. Vendors at wedding expos are all about book today or you’ll regret it. We have found couples that book vendors with that policy are the ones who we regret it later. You should be able to meet with them at their studio privately and discuss your wants & needs without hundreds of people crowded around you.


  1. Don’t be afraid go back and ask questions. Wedding Expos typically have a long line of vendors you can talk to. It is always a good idea to do a general walk through and see all the vendors before you try to make any decisions. Make sure after doing your first “lap” you return to your favorite vendors to ask more questions about their products & services.


  1. Do pay attention to how they interact with your party. So many couples tell us how frustrating it is to talk to a vendor and have them completely ignore the parents or wedding party standing next to them. An invested vendor is going to interact with everyone and answer questions or concerns they bring up. That’s why you brought them with you after all.


  1. Do check out the vendors body language. Ever walk past a vendor that is sitting behind a table secretly checking out their Facebook page? How inviting is that? You want to head towards the vendors that are out and in front of their table. Those are the ones that are excited and ready to learn more about your big day.


  1. Do print out self adhesive labels ahead of time. Many vendors have you fill out inquiry forms or raffle tickets with your personal information on it. Unless you want carpal tunnel by the end of the afternoon it's suggested to just have labels ready to go. Its quick, easy and legible. How much would it suck to win a free gift but never receive it because the vendor couldn’t read your handwriting.


  1. Don’t forget to do your research on vendors you talk to on site like The Knot & Wedding Wire. Make appointments to visit them at their studio location to see their work and talk in more details. Avoid vendors that only meet at coffee shops and bars. If a vendor hasn’t invested in themselves by having a studio location how do you expect them to invest in your wedding?


  1. Do take a deep breathe and go with your gut. Finding the right wedding vendor is like finding your wedding dress. You will know it when you see it. Always go with your gut and trust in yourself. This is your wedding. It is a day you have dreamt of since you were little. Choose a vendor that is going to make those dreams a reality.

Happy hunting!

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