Comic Cartoon Clash

This wedding was chocked full of highlights, so picking somewhere to begin is a little difficult. It is all about the bride and groom, so let’s start there.

The Groom’s name is Kiff. Yes, as in Futurama’s meek, adorable, loveable little green martian. While the groom shared Kiff’s roll-with-it attitude, and fantastic ability to make those around him happy, that’s about where the similarities stopped. Our Kiff, was not at all a small, meek green man; but he more than happily don’s the name due to several correlations between these two families and the show. Our Bride, Dana, held the Fry family name, and even has a Gleisner in her immediate lineage! The Groom’s best man – Captain (Brannigan I presume). The list goes on, but this is just a blog, and we have much to address in this mash up of a wedding!

The wedding was littered with superhero emblems on everything from the groom’s and groomsmen’s socks, to the table centerpieces. They even brought back the old-school BAM! And KAPOW! word explosions we all loved reading in comic books and seeing on Saturday morning cartoons. They brought in the top guns from both the DC and Marvel worlds, and hit you with nostalgia everywhere you looked.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Decorated their spots at the head table with larger Superman and Wonder Woman wine bottles filled with a small strand of lights, and really were each other’s super hero that night. Kiff and Dana became Mr. and Mrs. James Saturday night and no matter how many different directions they were pulled in, they always came back to each other with a huge smile.

Their Groomsmen all wore superhero socks and t-shirts under their suits, but we are like 90% sure Deadpool showed up wearing Batman garb, probably not by accident. All the gentlemen were more than happy to strike their best superhero pose, and their accompanying bridesmaids were right there on their arms like it was pulled straight from a comic book. They even thought to include a villain to keep the story going – superheroes need an enemy after all. Joker was there to foil plans, accompanied by not one, but two women for the evening (Harley brought a friend).

To keep all the childhood nostalgia brimming to the top of our emotional cups, Dana and Kiff had a Candy Bar, complete with all our favorite candies, a Snack Bar with giant bowls of snacks from our time watching weekend afternoon cartoons in bad weather, and a Superhero cake, like we all wanted from age 6 – 36 (I mean 12, we all stopped wanting superhero cakes at 12 right?).

Dana and Kiff picked a great venue just a few yards off the beautiful Lake Michigan, and they simply could not have wished for better weather. They had a gorgeous, sunny day, with a cool breeze coming off the water all day, and were surrounded not only by loving and lively family and friends, but under the complete protection of an entire assembly of heroes.


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