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Boudior - Just Do It

There are two different types of women in the world. The ones that jump at the opportunity to have boudoir photos taken of them and the ones that are hesitant and aren’t exactly sure why it's even done. Being a woman who has had a boudoir session done and isn’t 100% comfortable with her physical image, I can honestly say DO IT!

The biggest misconception I get about boudoir photography is that it has to be done as a gift for a man. That is completely untrue. Boudoir photography can be given as a gift for a loved one yes but that isn’t the only reason to have it done. Boudoir allows us to celebrate ourselves, our accomplishments, and our relationships. Regardless of age, size, or gender, a boudoir session can be the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Have boudoir photos taken of yourself is a glamorous experience. You have your makeup and hair done like a movie star. You are taken into a very private environment where the mood is set to your comfort level. Whether that is getting the lighting just right, blasting your favourite tunes, or pouring you a glass of liquid courage. We take care of it all. I can guarantee you by the end of the session you are going to walk out feeling energised and empowered. Book your session today!


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