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A Rustic Romance

The camera comes in from an aerial shot. The shot closes in on a young farmer in an apple orchard. The farmer rides through the trees on a tractor, and a squirrel falls out of a tree, causing him to steer into the tree and tumble from the tractor seat, headfirst into the trunk.

The young farmer, Mike, is taken to the nearby hospital for testing for a possible concussion. It is then that the nurse, Erica, enters the scene.
Cue the angelic background music, and spotlight behind our beautiful nurse, and pan back to our farmer, mouth agape, unable to truly comprehend this love-at-first-sight moment in its entirety.

While this couple’s story has all of these elements, they aren’t quite arranged in such a movie fashion. Nonetheless, we think their tale is one worth telling.

Mike really did work on a farm. For many years he enjoyed farming and bouncing around on a tractor out in the fields. He more recently has traded the cockpit of a tractor for that of a semi-truck, and works for a trucking and excavating company.

Erica really is a nurse (and gets angelic music and backlighting every time Mike sees her). Her specialty is further south than the head, however; she is currently in the GI field. Erica even has plans for the very near future to finish her nursing degree and move to pediatrics!

Mike and Erica knew of each other for years as they attended school together. They did the middle school attraction dance where neither knows when to make the first move, until finally Erica got a push from Mike’s sister, and took the plunge. Just to mess with Erica a little more, Mike asked to make the relationship official on April Fools’ Day, and wouldn’t tell her if he was serious for a few hours.

After such a slow start, things snowballed quickly. They had hit it off so well and they both knew what they had. Two days later, Mike had already set up plans for Erica to meet his family. Less than a year later and they decided to make an addition to their family! I know what you’re thinking… cart before the horse and all, but getting a dog before marriage is still a great addition (ha ha). Erica even persuaded him to go all the way to Colorado to meet her family, not that it took much ‘persuading’. And, of course, they all hit it off.

Mike was convinced. She was the one. So he started planning.

In comes the apple orchard. Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, IL to be exact. This is where Mike would make his move. Mike convinced his soon-to-be fiancé that a small family trip to this specific farm was in order; everyone would have a great time, and it would be nice to see everyone. So the couple, and some family all got together in Poplar, IL, and at the end of the apple orchard tour, they gathered together to take a family picture at the sign out front. Erica still thought, somehow, this was entirely normal behavior, and waited patiently for Mike to lean down and tie his shoe while a small crowd gathered. It struck her with the full force of years of memories what was about to happen when she heard him speak her full name “Erica Nicole Clark”; and that really was a movie moment.


With Mike’s farming history and their combined love of winter, they have set their date for December 2, 2017. They did not want any of their farmer friends to miss out due to fall being so busy for farmers, and they may just ride off on snowmobiles after the reception if weather permits. You will also see their appreciation for the rustic in their wedding, as they are arranging a Country Winter themed event, complete with a Hot Chocolate bar! While Mike is bringing the farmers’ rustic theme, Erica is updating everything with Midnight Navy, Grey, and Silver coloring. It will definitely be a modern meets old-school, urban meets rural Wedding. Vital Image is looking forward to being there almost as much as they are.





Written by S.C.


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